Peter Callil

Our Candidate for CAPALABA

As your Independent political candidate, I have committed to the following fundamental principles –

  1. To Unite all members of our community regardless of artificial boundaries that separate us.
  2. To Communicate effectively, with the aim of raising individual awareness so we’re all better off by working together.
  3. To Provide Leadership based on sound principles, strict moral discipline, and sound knowledge.
  4. To Admit error, and learn from mistakes.

The Civil Liberties & Motorists Party is a party of independents that doesn’t accept donations, and I will not accept payment even if I manage to get elected.

In general terms, we are all in the same boat, so trying to achieve individual benefit at the expense of others is not practically possible despite appearances to the contrary. To ensure our future, and that of our children’s, we cannot simply expect politicians to provide stable moral leadership, whether it’s within our own family or community. Critically, this means we must assume the responsibility of leadership where we can, and have the humility to accept the leadership of those who can demonstrate merit in areas where we’re weak.

A good friend suggested that I include a little about myself so people have some idea about who I am.

After growing up on a farm on the Darling Downs, high school to year 10 was completed at Downlands and St Mary’s CBC in Toowoomba. Leaving school at the age of 16, I worked in various jobs including engineering, bin-hauling on sugar cane farms around Cairns, in motorcycle shops, mechanical workshops and retail before attending Coorparoo Adult Secondary School to complete year 12 in 1984. The reason for completing year 12 was to qualify for possible acceptance into the RAAF as a pilot cadet, which was achieved in 1985.

RAAF Training was designed to ‘scrub’, or fail, half of the course by completion, and I was the first to fail. Following that devastating setback, I chose to leave the air force and fund pilot training by working fulltime in Telecom as a debtor location officer. That job provided a secure income and the occasional flexi day to attend pilot training lessons at Archerfield, while also enabling development of an understanding of human nature – most people are good, by far!

Aeroplane Commercial Pilot training was completed by the end of 1987 and Commercial Helicopter training was completed early in 1988. Then I had to leave my stable job at Telecom and travel around the country looking for flying work to gain experience. Around that time I met my personal angel at the Mansfield Tavern when Molly Meldrum was guest DJ, and she ended up leaving her job in Brissie and travelled with me from Kakadu to Darwin, Victoria River Downs, Wyndham, Alice Springs, Cootamundra, Rockhampton and Bankstown, before finally settling in Brisbane.

Flying jobs included station based charter and tourist work before attending an instructor training course at Navair, Bankstown airport. Over many years, experience and qualifications were gained to the highest level available – a Grade One Flight Instructor rating with multi-engine, IFR, and aerobatics teaching approvals. Those qualifications and experience enable me to then gain employment and higher qualifications including Chief Pilot of a Low Capacity Airline, Chief Flying Instructor, Check and Training Captain, and CASA approved test officer while employed in those roles.

By 2005 my wife and I had a family of 2 boys and 2 girls, and we moved to Brisbane where I bought a small handyman business which was operated successfully for two years. After that, an Insulation Contracting company was purchased providing valuable experience in construction and managing up to ten staff, which operated successfully from the 1st of May 2007 until retiring in 2018.

I’ve always been interested in how things work at a fundamental level, and especially politics because that’s been by far the hardest to understand! On the 5th of August 2012 I had a serious motorbike accident that had one very beneficial side-effect – it made me work ON the business instead of IN the business by delegating responsibilities to a trusted employee. That freed up time to study and research things that I’d never had the time for previously and also to join the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party. Since safety had been my full-time job and passion in Aviation, I’d hoped to bring that experience and the lessons learned to the broader community through membership of the AMEP and being accepted onto their Safety Council. Unfortunately, their actions didn’t reflect their talk, we met only once, and the party eventually collapsed.

Since I’m retired and only campaigning by walking around handing out flyers, I’m asking everyone to assist by copying and sharing this flyer with as many others as possible. I can’t possibly talk to every single person in this electorate before the election on Saturday, the 31st of October, but if we all work together, anything’s possible, and that’s exactly what I’m aiming to achieve with your help – the impossible. For an independent to win in Capalaba will be nothing short of a miracle, but what I have in mind after the election is even more challenging – to unite and raise us all – whether I get elected or not.

It doesn’t really matter if flyers are shared with people who aren’t in the Capalaba electorate either, since the main goal is to unite us all so we’re working together instead of actively or passively working against each other. Whether I get elected or not, that goal remains, to unite us all so we can’t simply be ignored by anyone without our best interests at heart. That’s not something I could do by myself, which is why it’s so important that we work together to achieve it, and if we do achieve that, we gain much more than just better political representation.

One of the best lessons life teaches is that trust is one of the hardest things to earn, and the easiest to lose. It isn’t an entitlement at all, and would immediately cease to be of any value if it was. Building trust for a politician won’t happen overnight after we’ve experienced so many broken promises, so it’s understandable if some people have lost interest in the whole circus of politics. We have to be patient and considerate of others who’ve become disillusioned and lead by example which will eventually win them over.

Finally, it’s very important to build a comprehensive email list so I won’t have to walk around the whole electorate to communicate with everyone! Once will be tough enough! So do yourself a favour, as Molly Meldrum used to say, and flick me an email with your suburb in the subject line.

What I’m basically asking is for each of us to help us all, and so doing, help ourselves. Together, we can truly make the world a better place by changing ourselves to suit it, not the other way around.

Yours Truly,
Peter Ronald Callil

Ph 0412 897388

Please copy and share.

Authorised by J.D. Hodges, 77 Flaxton Mill Road, Flaxton. 4560 for the Motorists Party.


We all want people to be safe, but the ridiculous restrictions on our normal lives and liberties are doing MORE harm to MORE people than the virus ever will! Surely a better solution is to protect the elderly and vulnerable …. and let the rest of us get back to work and our normal lives!

Here’s a quote from Jeanette Young, Qld’s chief medical officer about covid19: “Most cases would not be severe…. 80 per cent of them will get a very mild disease — they’ll possibly hardly even know they’ve got anything” [Source: ABC News]

We want to ‘stay positive’, but there comes a time when it’s necessary to call out tyranny and injustice for what it is. Let’s not ‘look on the bright side’ – when un-elected bureaucrats are taking away our hard-won freedoms. We cannot sit by and accept the oppressive, police state powers that have unreasonably been thrust upon us – when there is another solution.

Please – don’t just ‘think positive’ … think critically, and question what you’re being spoon-fed by ‘authorities’ and the corrupt mainstream media.

We were told back in January that 50,000 – 100,000 Australians would die, yet after six months there have been just 361 deaths. These unreasonable restrictions are not really about ‘saving lives’ – 8,500 children die every day from hunger: deaths that that could easily be saved with a fraction of the money currently being spent on this fake ‘pandemic’ if governments really cared about ‘saving lives’. No, this is about restricting our basic rights and freedoms and conditioning us to obey without question. Obey the government. Obey the doctor. Obey the bureaucrats. Obey the ‘authorities’ ….. Or else.

Will you accept even more government control, government restrictions on our freedoms, government regulations and government demands ….. or will you speak out; will you resist?

Join the Resistance.

We can care for the elderly and vulnerable without these crazy restrictions. Protect them, and let the rest of us have our lives back!

Jeffrey Hodges B.Sc. M.Sc.(Hons) B.Ed.
Founder & Secretary