Nick Byram

Our Candidate for MIRANI

G’day my name is Nick Byram & have chosen to step up in this next election for the Civil Liberties and Motorist group for the seat of Mirani.

Some of you may not have heard of this party, but we are a fair go for all Australians. I am passionate about improving our quality of life and independence as I truly believe we live in the best country in the world.

As a father with a stepfamily as well I understand the complexities of issues facing young families in our regions and how the family systems need to change, so that our kids are the winners in the system, always.

I was so sick of seeing political parties being bought off by big companies particularly by companies that are overseas-owned & big pharma, they do not have my or my family’s best interest at heart, they have their own agenda, & I won’t leave my children’s future in their hands.

This was a huge driver for me to join a political party where honesty, integrity and independence are the pillars of their foundation and do NOT accept any financial donations. That also actively promote healthy people and a healthy environment and believe in freedom of speech & other civil liberties.

I have built my career in mining over the last 12 years & in that time I have seen so many of Queensland’s assets sold off I believe that needs to stop we need public ownership of essential services (Power, Water, Roads) & no tolls so that Australia’s wealth stays in Australia & benefits us for generations to come.

If I am fortunate enough to receive your vote at this election, I will make a stand for Australia’s future, please stand with me and do what is right. Strive for the Good. Aim high, and leave things better than we found them.

Authorised by J.D. Hodges, 77 Flaxton Mill Road, Flaxton. 4560 for the Motorists Party.


We all want people to be safe, but the ridiculous restrictions on our normal lives and liberties are doing MORE harm to MORE people than the virus ever will! Surely a better solution is to protect the elderly and vulnerable …. and let the rest of us get back to work and our normal lives!

Here’s a quote from Jeanette Young, Qld’s chief medical officer about covid19: “Most cases would not be severe…. 80 per cent of them will get a very mild disease — they’ll possibly hardly even know they’ve got anything” [Source: ABC News]

We want to ‘stay positive’, but there comes a time when it’s necessary to call out tyranny and injustice for what it is. Let’s not ‘look on the bright side’ – when un-elected bureaucrats are taking away our hard-won freedoms. We cannot sit by and accept the oppressive, police state powers that have unreasonably been thrust upon us – when there is another solution.

Please – don’t just ‘think positive’ … think critically, and question what you’re being spoon-fed by ‘authorities’ and the corrupt mainstream media.

We were told back in January that 50,000 – 100,000 Australians would die, yet after six months there have been just 361 deaths. These unreasonable restrictions are not really about ‘saving lives’ – 8,500 children die every day from hunger: deaths that that could easily be saved with a fraction of the money currently being spent on this fake ‘pandemic’ if governments really cared about ‘saving lives’. No, this is about restricting our basic rights and freedoms and conditioning us to obey without question. Obey the government. Obey the doctor. Obey the bureaucrats. Obey the ‘authorities’ ….. Or else.

Will you accept even more government control, government restrictions on our freedoms, government regulations and government demands ….. or will you speak out; will you resist?

Join the Resistance.

We can care for the elderly and vulnerable without these crazy restrictions. Protect them, and let the rest of us have our lives back!

Jeffrey Hodges B.Sc. M.Sc.(Hons) B.Ed.
Founder & Secretary