Mark Pytellek

Our Candidate for MUDGEERABA

1st generation Australian of German parents who immigrated to Australia in 1960 to escape the communist dictatorship in former East Germany, in the hope of achieving a free and prosperous life in free & prosperous Australia.

Mark grew up in country Victoria, loving the rural country side, life and the freedoms then prevalent in Australia. His love of rural Australia drove him to complete a Bachelor in Agricultural Science at La Trobe University, Melbourne in 1985, before beginning a 15 career in marketing & sales, instead of Agriculture, by reason he’d personally witnesses the collapse of the Australian Agricultural industry (and subsequent manufacturing industry too) while going through University. The collapse left no opportunity to enter the Agricultural Industry in Australia.

Later, in 1991 Mark moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, where he established and ran a convenience – corner store in Cotton Street, Nerang commonly & affectionately called “The Mark’s Brothers” a pun on words) Corner Store, by reason the two principal proprietor’s were named “Mark”.

Following that business, Mark began a career by accident in the problem solving industry, when it became apparent he had a natural flare and skill in settling matters between rival adversaries through predominantly private negotiations. For 21 years now Mark spent almost every waking hour assisting fellow Australians who approach him in dire need of help for one reason or another, commonly working 100 hours or more per week, often voluntarily, to assist them in saving their homes, businesses, other assets and even their sanity and life.

More recently Mark founded a website in an effort to leverage his time, knowledge, experience & successful processes & outcomes and permit him some time out to enjoy life, even dream of a holiday, the last being a one dayer in 2013!

Having an aversion to politics, Mark elected to ignore politics in Australia by reason it became apparent to him early in life that no matter which of the two mainstream parties were incumbent, the country was sliding into economic oblivion, as a direct result of the failed and predominantly irrelevant policies, concerning the welfare of Australians and Australia in general, of the mainstream parties.

It became even more apparent to Mark that the only way to restore Australia and Australians to its/their former prosperity, integrity, upright moral standing, freedoms, glory and ranking as the number 1 standard of living country on earth in 1960, was to roll up the sleeves and take personal action, encourage and lead Queenslanders and Australians to take action to reclaim and restore Australia to the country of freedom and prosperity enjoyed by everyone in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Mark joined the “Civil Liberties & Motorists Party” because the party stood for

  • The rights of ordinary Australians
  • Lower Taxes
  • Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom of choice
  • Freedom to work, how, when, where one wants
  • Small, subservient, obedient government
  • High Education Standards and Safe Schools, a return of the 3 “Rs’ education
  • High Standards and Efficient delivery of Medical Care
  • Reduced and Low levels of Bureaucracy and Red Tape, especially those in industry & business which cripple industry, especially small business
  • Reduce power and influence of big business
  • Restoration of traditional moral values
  • Culture of the “Smart State” through incentives and promotions that reward students and teachers in raising real education standards
  • Rapid Reduction in size of Government “Big Brother”, and bureaucracy
  • Efficient industries, a restoration of quality control in all businesses
  • Accountability in Government and in business
  • Restoration of the Rule of Law & the Constitution
  • Pro choice marketing campaigns with full disclosure & transparency so the members of the public can make “informed” choices, promotion of “informed consent”
  • Elimination of Tolls & other unfair commercial practises
  • Restore the former great Australian industries, farming, fisheries, manufacturing, with incentives, reduction or removal of excessive or burdensome regulations, lowering of taxes, structuring a competitive and attractive local business environment to stimulate growth and investment
  • Re – establish the people’s Bank controlled by Government, with lending to Government at zero interes
  • Alignment with the party’s mainstream policies
  • And much much more

I hope the electors in Mudgeeraba electorate (as well as across the State of Queensland) align with our very ambitious policies and objectives to rejuvenate Australia , for the benefit of all Australians, not just the high rollers at the big end of town.

I look forward to listening to and serving my constitutions, if elected, and look forward to receiving your vote.

Kindest Regards,
Your local Candidate
Mark Pytellek

Authorised by J.D. Hodges, 77 Flaxton Mill Road, Flaxton. 4560 for the Motorists Party.


We all want people to be safe, but the ridiculous restrictions on our normal lives and liberties are doing MORE harm to MORE people than the virus ever will! Surely a better solution is to protect the elderly and vulnerable …. and let the rest of us get back to work and our normal lives!

Here’s a quote from Jeanette Young, Qld’s chief medical officer about covid19: “Most cases would not be severe…. 80 per cent of them will get a very mild disease — they’ll possibly hardly even know they’ve got anything” [Source: ABC News]

We want to ‘stay positive’, but there comes a time when it’s necessary to call out tyranny and injustice for what it is. Let’s not ‘look on the bright side’ – when un-elected bureaucrats are taking away our hard-won freedoms. We cannot sit by and accept the oppressive, police state powers that have unreasonably been thrust upon us – when there is another solution.

Please – don’t just ‘think positive’ … think critically, and question what you’re being spoon-fed by ‘authorities’ and the corrupt mainstream media.

We were told back in January that 50,000 – 100,000 Australians would die, yet after six months there have been just 361 deaths. These unreasonable restrictions are not really about ‘saving lives’ – 8,500 children die every day from hunger: deaths that that could easily be saved with a fraction of the money currently being spent on this fake ‘pandemic’ if governments really cared about ‘saving lives’. No, this is about restricting our basic rights and freedoms and conditioning us to obey without question. Obey the government. Obey the doctor. Obey the bureaucrats. Obey the ‘authorities’ ….. Or else.

Will you accept even more government control, government restrictions on our freedoms, government regulations and government demands ….. or will you speak out; will you resist?

Join the Resistance.

We can care for the elderly and vulnerable without these crazy restrictions. Protect them, and let the rest of us have our lives back!

Jeffrey Hodges B.Sc. M.Sc.(Hons) B.Ed.
Founder & Secretary